What do you get when you mix vision with formulation? Answer: Products that are Fun with Benefits!

Meet Cherokeeweah's CEO, The "Soap Sista", Ms. Christie

I am a mom and a lover of life! I started making items initially for myself. I was unhappy with my skin, it looked tired and my hair was so dry and brittle, never accumulating length past the shoulders, I decided to shave it bald.  After shaving it all off, I began to research and read many books about hair and skin health and the best natural products for me.  I also researched products you do not want on your skin.  You do not want harsh and toxic chemicals as the main ingredients in your products.

I am happy to announce that Cherokeeweah products contains mostly natural and certified organic ingredients, created by nature for your (Thanks to God)!  You can be reassured that when you use our products, you are putting on "good stuff".   After receiving several compliments from friends, family members, coworkers and people I did not know, I began to receive many requests. After a little while, I realized I was working a second job filling orders for repeat customers. I decided on the name Cherokeeweah after my two precious children: Cherokee and Weah, both with Native American and African heritage.

At first, I was nervous about making products and hoping that customers would like the products. I have always struggled in life. I think the turning point in life was when I was homeless and a single parent. It was a very depressing. I have never had the funds to start my own business.  Experiencing constant financial hardship has led me toward my career as a social worker and working with homeless individuals. I understand what it means to be homeless, or in a home and can't keep the lights on due to a skyrocketed bill. I founded my nonprofit, Dream To Live Outreach to provide an opportunity to low-income individuals and families.  Dream To Live Outreach has donated Toys to poor children in the metro Atlanta region of Georgia for several years thus far. You can be confident that when you support Cherokeeweah you are mobilizing the vision of Dream to Live Outreach.  A percentage of all sales will be donated to Dream To Live Outreach!

After using homemade soap for a few months, and loving my renewed skin, I began to make soap in bulk to fulfill customer-order requests. I LOVE soapmaking and truly enjoying developing hair and skincare formulations! I am always thinking of new ideas, and products that would satisfy my customers.

From Homemade soaps, to hair products to awesome body butters and so many new creations that will gradually be displayed on the website, I am excited about embarking on this journey of offering products that will change the skin that you are in, from my heart to yours...and do please, let me hear about your experience. This will help me to improve and be aware of my customer's needs. This shop will always have new items because I am always thinking of innovative products to create. All I ask, that if you are unhappy with any products, please send a private email to me so that I can have a fair opportunity to resolve the issue.

Your response to the products that I love to create is important to me and the business. I want to hear from everyone. I am a good listener and can withstand constructive criticism. I realize life is about being open to learning, improving and being the best you can be! So please do leave feedback or feel free to contact me with any questions.

Again, THANK YOU for allowing me to share CHEROKEEWEAH products with you!

With Love,
Soap Sista