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Wooden Bowl and Scoop Set

$10.00 $8.00

This is the cutest little bowl set ever!  You no longer have to risk contamination with your sugar scrubs, moisturizers and creams!

This little bowl buddy allows you to scoop out your product without putting your hand into your product, place in bowl and remove portion from your bowl.

Scoop:  3 inches

Bowl: 2.5 inches in diameter

Product Material:  Unrefined Wood

Soap Sista Says, " I love the bowl buddy for my sugar scrubs.  When I dip in my sugar scrubs, I find that water often get in when I am taking a shower.  With the bowl buddy, I keep my beautifully designed sugar scrub on the bathroom counter which maintains packaging and decontamination, I use the scooper and scoop out my portion, then I place it in the mini wooden bowl and take my bowl buddy with me into the shower! I love it!"