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  • Classic White Wedding Mini Organic Cupcake Soap


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    How important are wedding favors?  Wedding favors are what your guests take home with them.  It's the part of the wedding they keep.  That is why having a unique wedding favor is so important.  It keeps your special day memorable to all who have attended.  They will remember and say to themselves, " wow, I received the most darling wedding favor, a mini soap that looks good enough to eat!" Your guests will be debating on whether to use the soap, eat the soap or put it on the shelf as a keepsake. Imagine a mini cupcake soap matching the dresses of your bridesmaids?  Talk about a memorable soap favor. All of my soaps are guaranteed to be handmade, natural, beautiful and irresistibly scented with either fragrance or essential oils!

    Each handmade soaps are made with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Skin-safe colorants and either a Phthalates-Free Fragrance or Essential Oil.  I make everything on CHEROKEEWEAH site so that you can be assured you are getting a quality product.

    About your mini cupcake soap:

    1. comes wrapped in transparent white fabric and ready for the wedding as shown in picture
    2. About 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide at the cupcake base
    3. Please allow 30 days processing as many of our products are made-to-order
    4. Regarding Labeling:  We offer custom labels as an add-on. 
    *The soap in this picture is a classic white mini cupcake soap made with lemon rose fragrance.