What do you get when you mix vision with formulation? Answer: Products that are Fun with Benefits!



Conditioning Co Wash                     16 Ounces

This natural co wash is described as a white creamy mixture that is massaged onto damp hair. It smells so nice and clean. It contains a unique blend of essential oils. .  This Cleansing Conditioner is silky to the touch and enriched with collagen and keratin protein which are excellent in the care of the hair shaft as our hair is made up of mostly keratin protein.

Made with natural ingredients this cowash contains the essential ingredients needed to gently cleans very dry hair without stripping hair of its natural oils. It cleanses the scalp and  The Organic Lemon Essential Oil gently cleans and is said to balance the ph of oils at the follicular level. This proprietary blend has loads of good stuff and is a dry hairnista's must have!