What do you get when you mix vision with formulation? Answer: Products that are Fun with Benefits!

Independent Sales Representative Starter Kit

$200.00 $100.00

Hi, I am the Soap Sista and I cannot describe the excitement I have in helping you to achieve your goals and being part of an innovative approach in selling handmade products!

So you think you can sell?

Well, guess what, I believe you can! Furthermore, I am going to personally help you because my joy in life comes from helping others. The key to becoming successful Independent Sales Representative with CHEROKEEWEAH is relationship building. That is why you start out with those whom you already have a relationship with. The second main reason is to have an awesome product. CHEROKEEWEAH offers a unique opportunity to help coach anyone into becoming an excellent, professional sales representative and offers that awesome product!

Many companies would never offer training material, ongoing support AND products for the price that is being offered.

Today, you can start a new journey and change your life.  You can make unlimited income which can lead to a better quality of life for you and your family. 

Here is what you get :

  1. Training Materials
  2. Marketing Materials
  3. Organic Artisan Soaps and Products
  4. Ongoing Support
  5. Plus deep discounts

Why I decided to offer this opportunity?

I had a friend experiencing homelessness who stated he needed some extra income.  I gave him a few soaps. He sold all of them in 1 day to his coworkers.  I then began to think, hmmm, what if I could offer this to others who needs extra income. That is when I thought of offering the Independent Representative Opportunity.

I must note, this introductory starter kit cost is indefinite and is only offered  for startup representatives. Further wholesale options will be available as your business grows. I will work with you!

Therefore, I would like to first say Welcome to the world of CHEROKEEWEAH!