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Lavender Sugar Scrub


Lavender Sugar Scrub


Made with the finest ingredients including pure cane sugar, sunflower oil, coconut oil and oils ranging from essential oils to scents made with medicinal, invigorating and calming benefits.

Exfoliation is the removal of sun-damaged, dry and dead skin through the gradual removal of the upper layer of the skin and thus revealing a more supple, glowing healthier skin that was hiding under the damaged and dry skin.

Exfoliation is like the fountain of youth because it easily removes the old and reveals the new.  Wrinkles, rough spots, cracked feet, dry elbows will soon become supple, smoother and silky with the repeated use of sugar scrubs.  Your overall skin will become hydrated, unclogged pores, and healthier!

While some salt scrubs are known to dry the skin, sugar scrubs contain an active substance with exfoliating and emollient properties known as Alpha-hydroxy. 

Our sugar scrubs are emulsified and is very thick, rich and creamy which leaves the skin polished without an oily feel.  These sugar scrubs, with the natural ingredients, are intended to leave the skin well-nourished and polished due to the removal of dead and dry skin cells.

How to Use:

During a shower, take a heaping scoop of sugar scrub, rub in a circular motion onto wet skin, then rinse.  Notice the silky feel.  Follow with your favorite lotion.  I would recommend one of our SGHG matching creamy, rich moisturizers.