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  • Skin Glow Hair Grow


                                                                                                                                Name of Product:  Skin Glow Hair Grow

                                                                                                                                           Size 8oz

    The ingredients are amazing. This cream has anti-aging properties. The sweet smell and beneficial ingredients is one product must have. You will not regret adding this product to your skin and hair care regimen. Those who have used this said the smell is so sweet they want to eat it! However, this cream is not to be eaten but your skin and hair will drink this up!

    This luscious buttery is all you need for your basic skincare and hair care moisturizing needs.  The name Skin Glow Hair Grow is exactly what it is-One Cream for healthy hair and One cream for  healthy skin.  However, don't even think for one minute that this cream is not effective for both skin and hair.  The many rich products in this cream is a 2 for 1 VERY EFFECTIVE cream for both hair and skin.  This is our signature product and Cherokeeweah's first product ever made.  That's me in the picture with the BIG CHOP.  This cream has really played a major role in helping my hair to grow in full and thick.  It has been said to promote hair growth at the follicle, moisturize the hair shafts and seal in moisture.  I have customers who stated their hair has grown from chemotherapy, and thinning. This product has rave reviews for skincare as well.  I have customers who stated their skin rashes went away by using this cream.  This cream is AMAZING!

    One customer who purchased this item stated she will never, ever use anything else but Skin Glow Hair Grow skin and hair treatment moisturizer. I use this product for myself after I went completely bald! My hair is shiny and healthy. I also use this product on my daughter. 

    This product was made with rich ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed, castor, and one of my favorite exotic oils babassu oil, olive oil, wheat protein, vitamin E ... The proportions were carefully thought out. The Tea Tree oil promotes growth when massaged into the scalp. There are so many rich ingredients that are listed on the label so that you will know exactly what your are putting on your hair. 


    Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Tea Trea and much more!


    Uses for hair: Massage into scalp to promote growth, wash hair and massage into hair as a deep conditioner and as a daily treatment moisturizer. 

    Uses for skin: After shower, massage into skin as a daily moisturizer, anti aging treatment, night cream, and massage cream