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  • Organic Coconut Milk Soap

    $12.00 $8.00

    The best thing about coconut milk soap is not only its heavenly sweet scent of well...coconuts, but that it actually cleanses the skin from inside without causing excessive dryness. Being rich in pure coconut milk, coconut milk soaps contain lots of fatty acids. The soap is formulated to deep cleanse the skin by removing all sorts of impurities (dirt, dust, dead cells, etc.) and that too while maintaining skin’s natural hydration. In short, it acts as a gentle, yet effective facial cleanser.

    It is also full of essential micronutrients like selenium, iron, copper, zinc, and so on, which take care of the health and nourishment of the skin. Regular use of this soap also claims to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, sun damages, age spots and sagging skin.

    The lauric acid present in coconut milk is known to have excellent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Coconut milk Soaps can create a ‘chemical barrier’ on the surface layer of the skin with regular application. Its regular use will also keep a number of minor to major skin infections like eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, etc. away.
    Overall, a skin in need of repair and health promotion, coconut milk soap is your go to soap. It is used to make the skin smooth and healthy by healing rashes, wounds, burns, and so forth.

    The Net Weight of this soap is a little over 6 Ounces