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  • Psychadelic Soap,Organic

    $12.00 $8.00

    The Psychadelic Soap is rich in essential oils which gives your skin a special softness and smell. This soap is infused with five colors and each color corresponds to the essential oil of which is drawn up. First, there is essential oil of Lavender, which soothes the skin, reduces irritation and acts calming, essential oil of Orange, excellent antidepressant, Lemon, wide range of health benefits, Lime, excellent oil to encourage concentration, and Patchouli essential oils with Activated Charcoal, a detoxifier and Hemp Oil. The recipes are made from natural and certified organic ingredients. It is especially important to emphasize that our Organic Palm Oil is grown in a community in which people who work are not exploited.

    Net Weight: A little more than 6 Ounces per bar