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Pumpkin Body Butter with Pumpkin Seed Oil 4 oz

$20.00 $15.00

Can't say enough about this butter.  Made with mango butter, shea butter and pumpkin seed oil along with a propriety blend of oils, this butter will leave you wanting a sweet rum pumpkin pie..it is awesome!  Pumpkin Seed Oil is known to help firm skin and helps to maintain useful skin due to its high Vitamin E content, antioxidants, zinc and fatty acids.

Precaution & Tips:

  • Before using pumpkin Seed Oil, do a patch test by applying about ¼ tsp on your inner arm. If there’s irritation within 1-2 hours, do not use the oil.
  • Be careful if using this oil on oily/acne prone skin because it may clog pores.
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before using pumpkin seed oil.
  • Storing your natural products in the refrigerator can lengthen its shelf life.