What do you get when you mix vision with formulation? Answer: Products that are Fun with Benefits!

Silk Milk Conditioning Creme'


White creamy mixture which you inflict on damp hair. It is smell so nice and so clean. It contains menthol, rosemary, peppermint essential oils. Menthol causes a tingling sensation  and the cooling of the head skin. Rosemary stimulates rapid hair growth and helps in treatment of hair buildup. Peppermint essential oils stimulate circulation of the scalp. This  conditioner is silky, creamy and yummy for the hair. It is enriched with several proteins including hydrolyzed wheat protein, keratin protein, silk protein, collagen protein and Pantheno Pro Vitamin B5.  These ingredients alone protects the hair shaft which is formuated to minimize breakage and thus increasing your hair retention.  Of course, sheen and shine, healthy fragrant hair will follow.  This is great to use after shampooing hair with Blue Milk Detangling Shampoo.Good stuff, big bottle and great price for the amount. This aint no watered down conditioner.