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  • Whipped Mango Body Butter


                                                                                 Whipped Mango Body Butter 8 oz

    This is a creamy, creamy whipped creamy and luscious whipped mango body butter.

    Mango Butter is a butter that works wonders! Mango butter helps with leaving your skin smoothe and supple. It has been known to benefit skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, and dermatitis. It also serves as a great protective barrier from UV rays thus minimizing the aging process.

    Mango butter has small molecules known as free radicals that are generated by the effect of UV sunlight on your skin, and also by pesticides, cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

    These antioxidants destroy the structure of your body cells, including skin cells and make it look leathery, wrinkly and generally older and tired-looking. Antioxidants destroy these free radicals and maintain the proper structure of your skin, helping you to keep looking youthful. Therefore, apart from all the sexy stuff, your skin will stay more elastic and retain that youthful bloom when you use mango butter.

    This product gives you the aroma of fresh mangoes and also contains skin loving ingredients that will maximize the lusciousness you put on your skin!

    This soap is great with our Artisan Handmade Soaps.